Connecticut Photography Studio (CTPS)

Connect. Inspire. Create.

The Connecticut Photography Studio will inspire & support the photography community with state of the art studio space and educational opportunities.

CT Photography Studio
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Our Mission

Connecticut Photography Studio will inspire and support the photography and cinematography creative community with state of the art photography studio space, educational opportunities and event space unlike any other in the region. CTPS will inspire professionals to create, learn, meet and educate in a space that pays homage to New England Culture, as well as provide limitless imaging capabilities.

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The Studio

Our studio space is unlike any other in the Connecticut area. It blends a historic New England rural atmosphere with state of the art photographic capability. The studio will offer a refined rustic and affordable experience that is a stark contrast to the Fairfield County and New York City studios. Creative teams and photographers will value the low stress experience and capability of gathering a team for any project. The experience for all involved includes simplicity from parking, to unloading gear, to having the spatial capabilities of gathering a large team, and to photograph large products. Photographers and creatives alike will fall in love with a photographic space that provides both an unlimiting photographic capability without sacrificing style, culture, and experience.