Dream Big - Old Barn

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I've always dreamed of having a photography studio.  A studio centered around inspiring the photography community.  A place where photographers can dream big and create big!  A place where photographers can learn, collaborate, share, and get inspired. 

So when Christy and I first started looking for a home over 4 years ago, our studio dream drove the search criteria.  We started our Zillow and Realtor searches with the keywords "barn," and "studio," and "commercial space."  It was a tall order with a small budget.  When we found this property in Killingworth, it was just right!  Zoned for cottage-industry-commercial, a barn, home, & property that needed A LOT of work; so the price was right. 

Despite the fact that the barn looked like it would fall over if a gust of wind hit it and the obvious fact that we had about 20 squirrels living in the barn, it was love at first sight.  And with a deeper look (a very emotionally skewed look) the bones of the barn (the timber frame) were BEAUTIFUL!  See the images below... beautiful right!?!? 

We are still learning about the history of the barn but we have heard that it is one of the original Killingworth barns that served as the town butcher's barn.  The barn was moved 2 properties over in 1982 (our birth year) to it's existing foundation.  The whole barn was sold for $500 in 1982 and converted into an antique storage barn.  The barn is listed as one of CT's historic barns.

The barn is filled with classic timber frame joinery, hand-hewn beams, and thousands of board feet of barn wood.

On the other hand, there were giant holes of missing roof, some rotted beams, and some post and beam chewed up by termites and powder post beetle.  We had our work cut out for us!... so we set the goal to be in the barn in 5 years and I think we may actually accomplish that in 4 1/2!

We've been hard at work remodeling our barn for over a year now but really kicked into gear in early 2017.  I'm excited to share the details of our remodeling but I thought it would be best to share the first stage of the Barn prior to our work.

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