Open for Business

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For any of you who have been through major remodeling work, we are sooooooo sorry!!! Ugh!! We get it now!!!

It’s been one full year since we started working on our Connecticut Photography Studio renovation project.  A year full of arguments and tears and hard work and workers on the property and painting and visits to a million and one hardware stores and we can allllllmost finally say, we’re done!! Wahoo!  Yay!  Cue confetti & ballons & noisemakers!!

Sooooooooo, now what?

Now for the fun part!  We’re hoping to finally include you in on one of the many ways that we’re hoping to use the studio in the future. 

We’ll be offering photography classes for beginners to professionals taught by real actual live awesome local photographers.  Our first Intro to Digital Photography Class is here if you want in!

We’ll be hosting events and invite you to dream up whatever possible event you may want to hold in our beautiful barn, if I do say so myself.  And if you know me at all, you know I’m pretty clueless about how to do this, so the barn is just begging you to come have your event here so it can live up to it’s full potential!!

We’ll also be renting the space out to other photographers so if you have always wanted to have a kick arse photo shoot in a seriously cool remodeled barn, then let your photographer know about our space!! Or hire Adam!

But the biggest most important thing that we want here is to be photographing.  So let us know how we can use our space to help you with your photography needs!!

Hope to see you here soon!


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